Paul Keohone

Vocal Coach &

Musical Director


Stephanie Maitland

Paul Keohone was my first ever singing teacher – I started working with him in secondary school and he really had a fantastic impact on my early development. Not only did he open my eyes (and ears!) to a world of opera, he also greatly improved my confidence as a young singer. The technique he taught me from an early age laid the foundations of a soild vocal technique that has stayed with me. He has a wonderful manner and I do not know any singer who has not flourished under his guidance. He has always been a wonderful support to me throughout my career so far and I could not recommend Paul’s teaching enough. Thank you, Paul! 


Carine Tinney

During the last year of my Bachelor’s degree at Edinburgh Napier University – Paul was more than the ideal teacher.  It can be quite daunting to audition at a young age – especially in different countries! With a solid vocal technique that was easy to grasp and understand to an encouraging and positive teaching style – I was successful with my auditions in German and furthering my musical career.


Catriona Gallagher

After suffering a setback in my vocal health at the age of 14 I started singing lessons, via my school, with Paul Keohone. He helped me regain my confidence in using my voice healthily and safely. We have covered many genres of music but maintain a focus on musical theatre which is my chosen path. Mr Keohone has a wonderful, positive personality and has encouraged and supported me extensively over the last two years. He has made such a difference to my confidence and I am extremely grateful to him.

David Fettes

Before I began singing lessons with Paul Keohone at Edinburgh Napier University, I had very little confidence in my own ability, particularly when it came to performing. From our very first lesson, it was clear that Paul was the one person who could help me overcome my anxieties, change my approach to singing, and help me discover my potential as a musician.

Over 3 incredible years, Paul continued to encourage and challenge me with transformative vocal exercises and repertoire, opening up my sound and widening my vocal range. So great was his impact on my confidence, ability and musicianship, that I was offered a place on the Master of Performance programme at the prestigious RNCM.

Paul is not only a wonderful vocal teacher, but a true mentor … and a lifelong friend.


Robert Robertson (Tide Lines)

I was experiencing vocal fatigue caused by the rigours of long tours and recording sessions. Paul expertly tailored our time together to fit my vocal needs – offering helpful tips and techniques rather than wholesale changes. I still put his methods into practice on tour to help my voice last the course of a long and tiring run of shows.


Esther O’Connor (Ashton Lane)

Paul Keohone manages to create an incredibly safe and encouraging environment in which to learn singing. I found him intuitive and sensitive in adapting his teaching to the needs and style of a specific voice, not just following a ‘one size fits all’ approach. He teaches with an obvious joy and love for singing which is infectious. He’s without a doubt the best vocal coach I’ve worked with to date and would recommend him highly to all!

Archie Inns

Having finished as a chorister, Paul Keohone helped guide and focus me throughout my vocal transition from Treble to Tenor. He was crucial in developing my technique in what felt like an alien ‘new’ voice and made sure that I was always singing safely. I will be ever-grateful for the way in which Paul looked after me as a young singer, allowing me to grow as a musician whilst making sure that I stayed in love with my singing through careful repertoire choice and the charisma, energy and love for his art that he brings to all of his lessons.

Calum Murray

Over the past two years, Paul has been vital in the development of my voice. Starting with very little solo vocal experience, he has taught me a variety of techniques to maximise the potential in both the quality and range of my voice. His guidance in repertoire and engaging teaching style has ensured that I have always found joy in my singing, even whilst working remotely.


Craig Judge

Paul is one of the best teachers and coaches,I have ever had.His direct and straightforward way of teaching coupled with an innate understanding of the voice make him very special.I have worked with Paul for over 10 years and he has guided me through gigs, auditions and exams.

As a mature singer, it can be hard going back to study and Paul is so gracious with his advice and time that I find lessons very, very enjoyable.

I just don’t think there are many other teachers who have the depth of knowledge and experience working with all styles and types of singers.

Fabulous teacher, fabulous coach and really, really down to earth and easy to work with. Highly, highly recommended.


Alan J. Martin, PhD

Assistant Professor of Applied Voice, SUNY Oswego

I worked with Paul in my final year of undergraduate study for a BMus at Edinburgh Napier University. Paul was very effective in promoting a healthy, efficient vocal technique, as well as preparing me for a public recital and an advanced performance exam to complete my degree specializing in vocal performance. I’m grateful to Paul for guiding my vocal development in a positive direction at such a formative stage of my development, as well as the influence he has had on my ongoing career in vocal pedagogy.


Alan Thomson

“Before beginning my lessons with Paul, I had stopped enjoying singing, exam pressure had dampened the joy that singing and performing had brought me since a young boy. 

Since working with Paul, my voice has grown leaps and bounds, I feel my voice is more secure, strong and my confidence has come back.  I now have a renewed energy and focus. Paul has given me back the zest to study and perform again! 

Thank you Paul for being so patient, a great vocal coach and person.“


Kathleen Cronie

M.A., BMus (1st Degree hons), MMus (Distinction)

I have really fond memories of my lessons with Paul, in addition to being a great teacher, he is also a lovely person to work with! During my time as Paul’s student I gained not only a firm grasp of vocal technique, but also performance and programming skills as well. Paul’s teaching style was always supportive, and he challenged me to improve each time we met. I couldn’t be more grateful for this tuition which gave me such a solid grounding in the techniques I use in my work and research today.

David Maguire

Paul was my first singing teacher, and his tuition, support and encouragement led to a lifelong passion for singing, as well as a career working with some of the UK’s top choirs and orchestras. I was a nervous performer and Paul helped me to move past these nerves and into a space where singing and performing felt comfortable and enjoyable. Many years on, I now appreciate that working with Paul gave me the technical foundation to support years of professional singing, as well as instilling a true appreciation of musicality and interpretation.

Under his tutelage I was accepted onto the inaugural Genesis Sixteen scheme, which led to the founding of the consort I continue to sing with. Many years on, Paul is still the most intuitive and supportive singing teacher I have worked with, and although our lessons are much less frequent as I am based in London, I think time spent with him is the best value tuition I have received. Thank you Paul!


Màiri Aisling Callan

My first singing lessons with Paul Keohone were at school. He swiftly identified the negative impact my frustration at being unable to sight-read quickly due to dyslexia was having on my enjoyment of learning and skilfully tailored my lessons accordingly, encouraging me to focus on achieving my full potential. His versatility in teaching approaches addressed my anxieties and gave me confidence, as well as a solid grounding in vocal technique.

I worked with Paul when preparing for the 2021 Royal National Mod and he enthusiastically embraced my love of Gaelic song. Paul’s tuition in respect of vocal development and in preparing for my first live tv broadcast was invaluable and helped me win the coveted An Comunn Gàidhealach Gold Medal. Thank you Paul!